The Healthy Treat Your Dog Will Love to Eat!

Pet Lovers Organic Bakery is your source for organic dog treats. Our customers deserve the best product available at an affordable price.  Quality, passion for the client, and giving back has always been at the heart of what we offer at Pet Lovers Organic Bakery. 


Our dog treats are made with organic ingredients and we offer three recipes for your dogs pleasure.  Purchase a bag of our Peanut Butter Barky Bars, our Sweet Potato Delight, or get a bag of Green Bean Gourmet for your pup.  We also offer dehydrated sweet potato chews for dogs looking for a healthy chew alternative. 


At Pet Lovers Organic Bakery, we know pets are family and our clients demand the best for their dogs.  Try out our treats and see why dogs are barking us with praise. 


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Now introducing Elk Antlers. This is an all natural chew from Elk in Indiana. These are priced by weight and we have various sizes and shapes to choose from. They are now offered at select Farmers Markets and at Harvest Fresh Market and Georgetown Market!

Peanut Butter Barky Bars
Our delicious 1/4 pound bag of Peanut Butter Barky Bars are made from organic peanut butter, organic flour, organic eggs, filtered water, and contain no preservatives or added ingredients.  If your dog likes peanut butter, he or she will flip for our Peanut Butter Barky bars.  Contact us below to order a bag or two today.     

Sweet Potato Delight

One of our best sellers to date.  Dogs love our Sweet Potato Delight treats because they are tasty and made from organic sweet potatoes, organic eggs, organic flour, and filtered water.  Sweet Potato Delights come in 1/4 pound sealed packages that will keep your dog smiling for days.  Order some via the form below.

Green Bean Gourmet Treats

Our Green Bean Gourmet treats are sold in 1/4 pound packages and these treats are a big hit with our customers.  Green Bean Gourmet's are made with organic green beans, organic flour, organic eggs, and filtered water.  Grab a bag for your dog today.

Sweet Potato Chews

Our Sweet Potato Chews are a delicious alternative to other chews made from varying ingredients and material.  Sweet Potato Chews are made from organic sweet potatoes and are dehydrated to create a nice firm texture that will keep your dog chewing with delight.  The treats are packaged in a 1/4 pound package for shipping and storage convenience.   

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